Pop Art Warhol Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set

Pop Art Andy Warhol Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set

Pop Art Andy Warhol Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set

Are you thinking of a pop art theme for your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. Then this unique pop art Warhol inspired Bat Mitzvah invitation set might be just what you are looking for.

This pop art Bat Mitzvah invitation suite is styled after the pop art movement of the 1960s. This pop art invitation design features the Jewish Star of David in 9 different colorful color combinations – similar to Andy Warhol paintings.

Why choose Pop Art as a theme for a Bat Mitzvah?

Pop artists, like Warhol, would create paintings of mass cultural objects or media stars. These pop art painters and sculptures drew their inspiration from popular culture and imagery, celebrating commonplace objects and people of everyday life. Pop artists such as Andy Warhol sought to elevate popular culture to the level of fine art. Pop art is considered a modern art form and often resembles advertisements. It’s bright and colorful in style and for a party theme, you can have a lot of fun with it.

In this design, we’ve elevated icons such as the Jewish Star of David, party hats, and letters. Unique and fun. We’ve also used pop art fonts and bright colors to finish off the look. It’s a very geometric design as well, which is in keeping with pop art style.

This design is a great choice if your daughter loves art or is an artist herself and wants to celebrate modern, yet retro art with a pop art Bat Mitzvah party theme. It’s colorful and fun and you can make bold statements. It’s also an easy party to decorate for, as the imagery is widely available. So, this makes this a great choice for a Bat Mitzvah invitation for an artist.

This pop art Bat Mitzvah design by designer Wasootch is exclusive to Lemon Leaf Prints. Your daughter’s Hebrew name can be added free of charge with your purchase.

Available for purchase with this modern pop art Warhol Bat Mitzvah invitation set are an invitation, a reception insert card, a rsvp reply card and return address mailing labels.

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Pop Art Warhol Inspired Bat Mitzvah Reception Card
Warhol Inspired Pop Art Bat Mitzvah Mailing Labels

Want any other items to go along with this design or have questions about the design? Contact the designer, Wasootch, using the “ask the designer” link on any of the above product pages and Wasootch will help with any questions or requests.