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A showcase of various B’Nai or B’Not Mitzvah invitation sets. We also showcase B’Nai or B’Not Mitzvah theme ideas and inspiration.

Rainbow Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set with Cascading Pixels and Star of David

Rainbow Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set with Cascading Pixels and Star of David

Rainbow Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set with Cascading Pixels and Star of David

Are you looking for the perfect rainbow themed Bat Mitzvah invitation? Well, you’re in luck, as this post features this unique rainbow Bat Mitzvah invitation set with cascading pixels (or squares) and Jewish Star of David.

Rainbow Bat Mitzvah DecorColorful rainbows or rainbow colors are a great theme for a Bat Mitzvah. Decorate with all the colors of the rainbow for a bright and cheerful celebration. You can use colorful balloons and flowers to highlight your rainbow color theme. You can decorate with actual rainbows and clouds, or you can just decorate with all the different colors for a fun and festive spring or summer look. Often, rainbow theme is combined with candy theme and colorful candies and candy buffets are used for decor items.

This rainbow themed Bat Mitzvah invitation features raining or cascading square pixels that fade at the bottom and a Jewish Star of David. The pixels are a gradient of the colors of a rainbow and the Star of David reverses the gradient of the rainbow for its colors. The fonts used are decorative and geometric to go well with the geometric design. The font colors used in the sample are teal blue and orange. This design is colorful and unique, yet elegant and offers a nod to tradition with the prominently placed Star of David.

In addition, the other stationery items (RSVP card, RSVP postcard, reception card, save the date card, thank you card and address labels) mix and match with the invitation. The thank you card in this rainbow Bat Mitzvah design (not shown above) is a folded notecard size that is blank inside for your child to write their thank you message. There are two styles of RSVP card available: a postcard style intended to be mailed back to you without envelopes and a flat card style (not shown in image above) where you would purchase envelopes.

Your daughter’s Hebrew name can also be added to the invitation and this is included in the cost of your purchase.

The wording on any of the items will be personalized with your own wording (you can follow the template example or choose your own wording). Also, wording can be added to the back of many of the pieces as well. For example, you can include information about your daughter’s Mitzvah project or perhaps transportation information. You will receive personalized proof(s) through email to review and finalize with any changes you require. Your order is not sent to print until you approve the proof(s ) of all the items that you order.

This invitation set can be changed to work for a B’Not Mitzvah. There is room to add an additional girl’s name as well as additional parent hosts names if necessary (Note: this may mean the overall font size needs to be smaller).

Shop for this Rainbow Bat Mitzvah invitation set on Lemon Leaf Prints

Currently available for purchase with this set are an invitation, a rsvp card, a RSVP postcard, a reception party card, a save the date card, a folded thank you card and mailing labels. Click on the images below to visit the product page for that particular item.

  • Rainbow Bat Mitzvah Invitation Cascading Pixels Star of David
  • Rainbow Bat Mitzvah RSVP Postcard Cascading Pixels Star of David
  • Rainbow Bat Mitzvah RSVP Card Cascading Pixels
  • Rainbow Bat Mitzvah Reception Card Cascading Pixels
  • Rainbow Bat Mitzvah Save the Date Card Cascading Pixels Star of David
  • Rainbow Bat Mitzvah Return Address Labels Cascading Pixels
  • Rainbow Bat Mitzvah Folded Thank You Card Cascading Pixels Star of David

This rainbow themed Bat Mitzvah invitation set design was created by graphic designer Wasootch and is exclusive to Lemon Leaf Prints.

This set would look great on the standard 120 lb uncoated accent opaque paper. That paper is great quality at a very affordable price. Also, the standard white envelopes are perfect with this design. Additionally, if you want to add shimmer and sparkle to the design, then we suggest the 110 lb ice pearl paper and ice pearl envelopes to match. That paper type has a built in shimmer to it that would look fabulous with this design.

Interested in other items to go along with this design or have questions about the design? Contact the designer, Wasootch, using the “ask the designer” link on any of the above product pages and she will help with any questions or requests.

Free Printable Soccer Mitzvah Cupcake Toppers

free printable soccer Bar Mitzvah cupcake toppers mockup
Compliments of My Jewish Party, we hope you enjoy these free printable soccer Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah cupcake toppers!

There are 4 different soccer or World Cup themed cupcake topper designs. All have a black and white soccer ball background. The four designs are: Star of David, Mazel Tov, Bar Mitzvah / Bat Mitzvah, and blank soccer ball (see below). All of these free printable soccer Mitzvah cupcake toppers are black and white paired with green.

Mix and match for a fun look! They would look great on a soccer themed dessert or candy buffet table.

Download the printable .pdf file linked below. Then print them out on 8.5″x11″ cardstock and cut them out. They are 2″ round cupcake toppers which is a standard size. You can also print them out on sticker paper if you want. This file is formatted to fit Avery sticker template #22807. Dress them up by layering a 2.5″ scalloped or other shaped cardstock shape behind. Glue them to small straws and stick them in the cupcakes. That’s all there is to it.

Download these free printable soccer Bar Mitzvah cupcake toppers

Download the printable .pdf file for the Bar Mitzvah version:
free printable soccer Bar Mitzvah cupcake toppers

Free printable soccer Bar Mitzvah cupcake toppers

Download the printable .pdf file for the Bar Mitzvah version:
free printable soccer Bar Mitzvah cupcake toppers

Download the printable .pdf file for the Bat Mitzvah version:
free printable soccer Bat Mitzvah cupcake toppers

Free printable Soccer Bat Mitzvah cupcake toppers

Download the printable .pdf file for the Bat Mitzvah version:
free printable soccer Bat Mitzvah cupcake toppers

We hope you enjoy this free printable! We will be posting more fun freebies, so check back often!

This free printable was designed by designer NiteOwl Studio for My Jewish Party.

You are free to use this for your own personal use. No commercial use allowed! Not for resale!

Vendor Spotlight! Pop Color Events

We’ll be regularly providing question and answer spotlights on some fabulous Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah vendors! First up in this series is a spotlight on Pop Color Events. Pop Color Events services Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia & Beyond.

Pop Color Events Logo

Business Name: Pop Color Events
Name and Title: Brynne Magaziner, Chief Magic Maker


How did you choose to become a Bar and Bat Mitzvah event planner?
I kind of fell into planning Bar and Bat Mitzvahs. I worked at a large synagogue as their Program Manager and as part of my responsibilities, I handled the Social Hall rental. I was constantly dealing with frazzled parents leading up to their child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvahs. The calmest parents were the ones who had a planner, but there were so few of them! I knew I could help. My background is both in working in the Jewish community and in event planning, so planning Bar and Bat Mitzvahs is the perfect mix! My path crossed with a mom who took a chance on me and the rest is history. Word of mouth in the Jewish community is huge!

Photo courtesy of Pop Color Events

What’s your favorite part about being a Bar and Bat Mitzvah event planner?
I love working with families! Every family is so unique and that makes each party so fun to plan. I enjoy tailoring each planning experience and each party to the family’s needs, preference and style.

What sets your business apart from other Bar and Bat Mitzvah event planners?
There are very few planners who specialize in doing just Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, so that sets me apart from the getgo! I also blog {} about helpful tips for planning Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

Photo courtesy of Pop Color Events

Do you have a favorite Bar or Bat Mitzvah that you’ve planned? Or a favorite theme idea?
There’s something from each event that is my favorite–the unique bar, the colorful flowers, the cool invitation, the delicious menu, the fun centerpieces, so it’s hard to say. There are definitely common themes–sports, camp, fashion, so the challenge is putting a different spin on a theme that people may have seen before.

In your opinion, how can having an event planner help when planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?
Saves time, money and sanity! We know the vendors who you’ll click with, who are in your price point and who can do exactly what you want. Great vendors make an event seem effortless and I work with the best!

Photo courtesy of Pop Color Events

What is the one important thing parents often miss when planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah?
Families need to sit down with parents and Mitzvah child to decide what’s really important to them and focus on that. That should be done very early on, so decisions that are made later will correlate with what is most important. Knowing what your child and family truly value will allow you to leave out all the stuff that doesn’t quite fit.

6 Gender-Neutral Bar and Bat Mitzvah Themes

MyJewishParty guest author post

One tricky aspect to choosing a Bar or Bat Mitzvah theme, is that kids at this age tend to be entering a time of co-ed friend groups, but are still somewhat stuck in the toy store world of gender-stereotyped products. Of course, stereotypes and labels are becoming less and less of the stronghold they once were, but you still want to make sure your theme feels approachable for everyone.

Here are a few themes that are “gender-neutral” enough to include everyone, regardless of how your guests identify or what hobbies peak their interest.

  1. 1) Beach Theme

    surfboard bar table to rent
    Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Whether you’re into watersports, Jimmy Buffet music, or just warm weather lounging, it’s nice to feel your toes in sand (literally or otherwise). A beach theme is one that can be done on any budget, too. Want to go big? You can rent large palm trees and a surfboard bar for decor. Hire a steel drum player or even a hula dancer for entertainment! Prefer low key? The local party supply store will have plenty of decorations to keep things beachy. Add games such as frisbee, cornhole, and horseshoes to entertain the gang for hours.

  2. 2) Sports Theme

    small floor hockey arena to rent
    Not everyone loves sports, but everyone has something they love about sports. Whether you’re the one who hits the ballgame for the peanuts and cracker jacks, cheers on the cheerleaders more than the players, or just can crush the arcade version of an actual sports game, we all love to be surrounded by the spirit of friendly competition.

  3. 3) Carnival Theme

    bring home the bacon carnival game to rent
    Many people associate carnivals with really young kids, but carnivals are actually ideal for preteens. Not only are are older kids able to enjoy the games with minimal supervision (more grownup time!), but it’s often the age where winning someone a prize or initiating a small wager over a game is the sweetest form of flirtation.

  4. 4) Hollywood Theme

    Hollywood sign to rent
    Adolescence is a time of transitioning. Tweens often turn to movies and public figures to mimic behavior and get an idea of what the future holds. This creates a few years of obsession over certain celebrities and/or movies. To turn it back to make it about the guest of honor, though, you can showcase his or her favorites using table names of favorite stars, activities that mimic specific films, and a red carpet entrance that allows them to be the admired one.

  5. 5) Decades Theme

    1950's malt shop diner to rent
    Your kids may hate hearing you stories about the past, but they love time traveling there themselves. Just look at the old fashion trends and throwback movies that are circling around time and time again! Anything from a 1950s malt shoppe, to a flashy 70s disco, to a totally rad (brightly colored!) 90s bash will provide the added bonus of your chance to say “I remember when…”

  6. 6) Upside Down/Backwards Theme

    Turn teenage rebellion on its head by creating a theme that relies on things being against the rules! Serve a naked cake (perhaps before dinner?), “graffiti” or screen print shirts, and encourage outrageous or inside-out clothing. Should you and your family find it appropriate, you can even consider a trick candle for one of your candle-lighting ceremony honorees!

About this guest author

Karen Gordon is the VP of Growth at Goodshuffle. Goodshuffle is simplifying event rentals with their online marketplace which makes it easy to shop, compare prices, and book your rentals all with a few quick clicks. Their software product, Goodshuffle Pro, streamlines operations for event rental companies.

Paris Chanel B’Not Mitzvah Invitation Suite

Paris Eiffel Tower Chanel B'Not Mitzvah Invitation Set

Paris Eiffel Tower Chanel B’Not Mitzvah Invitation Set

Looking for a high fashion, Chanel, and/or Paris themed B’Not Mitzvah invitation set? If your answer is yes, then we think you’ll love this blush pink, black, and white Chanel or Paris fashion B’Not Mitzvah invitation set. This set is perfect for a chic, high fashion themed B’Not Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah.

This chic, high fashion B’Not Mitzvah invitation design features the Eiffel Tower from Paris paired with fashionable fonts and patterns. The words “Ooh, la, la” are featured at the top of the invitation. Also, there is a vintage silhouette frame for the wording paired with elegant flourish scrolls. The front features stylish black and white stripes, while the back is a chic black and white floral pattern.

Design colors in this Paris B’Not Mitzvah invitation set:

  • blush pink
  • black
  • white

This Paris Eiffel tower themed Mitzvah invitation is currently set up as a B’Not Mitzvah invitation for two girls, but it could also be altered easily to become a typical Bat Mitzvah invitation for just one girl.

As well, personalize the wording however you’d like. In addition, add the girl’s Hebrew names (first names only). If you want to use this as a Bat Mitzvah invitation, there is more room for your daughter’s second name (and also her full Hebrew name).

All your purchases from Lemon Leaf Prints are professionally typeset by a designer, but also approved by you before they are sent to print. Therefore, you get a professional product just the way you want it to look.

There are matching items to go along with the invitation, including a reception card, rsvp card, and mailing labels.

This Chanel high fashion B’Not Mitzvah invitation suite design is an exclusive design to Lemon Leaf Prints by designer Wasootch.

Purchase the items in this Paris / Chanel Fashion B’Not Mitzvah invitation set

Click on the links below to visit the product pages for the items available for purchase in this set.
Eiffel Tower Chanel Style Paris B’Not Mitzvah Invitation
Chanel Paris Eiffel Tower B’Not Mitzvah RSVP Card
Paris Eiffel Tower Chanel B’Not Mitzvah Reception Insert Card
Paris Chanel B’Not Mitzvah Address Labels

If you’d like any other items to go along with this Parisian fashion / Paris B’Not invitation set or have any other questions, you can always contact the designer, Wasootch, using the “ask the designer” link on any of the above product pages.