Social Media Photo Sharing Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set

Modern Social Media Photo Sharing Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set

Modern Social Media Photo Sharing Bat Mitzvah Invitation Set

Considering a social media or photo sharing themed Bat Mitzvah? If so, we have the perfect social media photo sharing themed Bat Mitzvah invitation set for you. Use this personalized social media Bat Mitzvah invitation suite for a social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) themed Bat Mitzvah.

A very popular, trendy and modern theme for a Bat Mitzvah is a social media theme. Therefore, it’s a good choice because there are a lot of products and ideas available. Your non-traditional social media themed party can feature decor items from all the popular sites (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram), or it can focus on one social media site in particular. For example, choose an Instagram themed party. Either way, it’s a great theme for a social focused teenage girl.

Decor ideas for a social media photo sharing party:

  • make or source social media logo shaped cakes / cookies
  • create or source an Instagram frame photo booth
  • decorate a wall or cupcake toppers with your daughter’s Instagram photos
  • decorate with “like” buttons, “heart” buttons, and hashtags

Features of this photo sharing app Bat Mitzvah invitation set:

  • your daughter’s social media avatar (all that’s needed is a nice photo of your daughter for this)
  • your daughter’s social media “username”
  • a Mitzvah themed photo for her photo stream (includes a Jewish star of David)
  • likes
  • emojis
  • hashtags
  • a cute play on words because the Bat Mitzvah “app” is called InstaMitz.
  • updated colors for a modern look

Matching items available for purchase include the social media Bat Mitzvah invitation, reception card, rsvp card, mailing labels, and thank you card.

Change the wording however you like (hashtags too). Also, change the photos in the photo stream if you have different, high resolution images you’d like to use. Printing has specific photo requirements. Therefore, any provided images should be of good quality and must be high resolution for print. In addition, all these changes are included with your purchase of this set.

Exclusive to Lemon Leaf Prints by designer Wasootch. Therefore, you can’t find this design anywhere else.

Use this set for a Bar Mitzvah. The blue mailing labels available on the site match the design as well.

Also, check out the older social media photo sharing Bar Mitzvah set available. This version uses the retro Instagram colors and is designed for a Bar Mitzvah.

Purchase the items in this social media photo sharing Bat Mitzvah invitation set

Click the links below to visit the product pages for the items available for purchase in this set.
Social Media Photo Sharing Bat Mitzvah invitation
Photo Sharing App Social Media Bat Mitzvah RSVP card
Photo Sharing Social Media Bat Mitzvah reception card
Social Media Photo Sharing Bat Mitzvah thank you card
Photo Sharing App Social Media Bat Mitzvah mailing labels

Want any other items to go along with this design or have questions about the design? Contact the designer, Wasootch, using the “ask the designer” link on any of the above product pages and Wasootch will help with any questions or requests.