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Zombie Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set

Zombie Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set

The Walking Dead Style Zombie Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set

If your one-of-a-kind son or daughter wants a one-of-a-kind Zombie theme Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah party to celebrate their special milestone event, then this Zombie Outbreak Bar/Bat Mitzvah invitation stationery suite may be just what they’ve been looking for. Inspired by the TV show The Walking Dead, this exclusive zombie apocalypse Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation set of matching stationery is found only on Lemon Leaf Prints.

front and back of zombie bar mitzvah invitationThe zombie Bar Mitzvah invitation shows an interior scene from a hospital or laboratory on the front. Also, there are two large gray metal doors locked with chains and a padlock.

Behind the glass windows in the doors are two “real” zombies (formerly young men). These zombies have gruesome wounds, cuts, blood, gore, dead greenish flesh and scary yellowed eyes. The images of the zombies can be replaced with your own photo of the “zombified” Bar or Bat Mitzvah if you wish!

In addition, an authentic looking yellow hazard sign warns of the “Infected Inside”. Also, a similar white hazard sign shows two zombie symbols with “Do Not Open” in red. Furthermore, the surrounding walls are covered in bloody hand prints, blood spatter and grunge and a bloody warning in red says “Do Not Enter!” above the doors. This is to warn off any uninfected humans that venture there.

The urban grunge look is carried over onto the back of this great zombie invite. The back looks like an old brick warehouse or basement with industrial pipes and shut-off valves. The grungy gray brick walls are splattered with old and new blood and hand prints. Also, there are 4 zombies in tattered clothes with missing limbs and dead eyes in the shadows.

In addition, the words “Go Back” in blood red appear over the zombies. Also, the main zombie party invitation wording appears in white over a blood red text area that declares that “The Zombies are Coming!”.

Finally, there is also a faded Star of David with the zombie invitation wording. This Star of David can be removed. That way, this zombie invite is suitable for a birthday party, Halloween party, or just a Zombie night party for anyone.

The other pieces in the Zombie Outbreak Bar Mitzvah invitation set includes an RSVP card, a flat thank you card, a folded thank you card, favor tags, and return address labels.

The design is changed up on the thank you cards and a favor tag but they still all coordinate well. Paired with the cool gray envelopes it makes a great zombie invitation package to send out or receive!

front of zombie Bar Mitzvah thank you cardThe front of the zombie thank you cards in this fun zombie outbreak theme is very cool! A zombie is shown trying to break out from a chained and locked wooden gate. The gory zombie has greenish dead flesh and yellow eyes. Also, there is torn flesh and wounds on his face and on the arm that is reaching out of the gate. The rickety wooden gate is being held together with a small chain and lock. These are sure to collapse at any time!

Also, there is a blood red “Thank You!” on the gray wood. In addition, there is a white and red “Do Not Enter” caution sign warning of a zombie outbreak.

The back of the flat zombie thank you card is personalized with the name of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Also, there is another zombie on the back of the card, standing up on the right side with his arm extended in front of him.

Throwing a Zombie Bar Mitzvah (Bat Mitzvah) would be a lot of fun for everyone, especially if it coincided with Halloween. Everything from the decorations to the food and drinks could stay within the zombie party theme. Just picture a table full of zombie eyeball cake pops, or treat bags that look like waste disposal bags filled with assorted “scary” looking zombie candies. The young people will have a great time dressing up in zombie costumes and makeup, or as zombie survivors like The Walking Dead TV show.

Your guests are sure to remember a cool and unique zombie theme Bar or Bat Mitzvah for years to come. Perhaps you could even hire a face painter to help “zombify” the guests. Be sure to have a photo booth on hand with fun props to really make the zombie photos memorable. The zombie outbreak Bar/Bat Mitzvah party theme practically plans itself! Be sure to check out the entire Zombie Outbreak Bar Mitzvah Stationery suite using the links below.

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