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Under the Stars Outdoors Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set

Under the stars outdoor or camping themed Bar Mitzvah invitation set

Under the stars outdoor or camping themed Bar Mitzvah invitation set

The outdoors is a great theme for a Bar Mitzvah (or can be used for a Bat Mitzvah as well). It can be thought of as a camping or camp theme or the great outdoors under the stars is a fabulous theme by itself as well. With this post we are showcasing the unique under the stars outdoor themed Bar Mitzvah invitation set shown in the above image.

Nature, the stars, and the cosmos has always fascinated humankind. Nature and the outdoors are God’s creation and therefore make a fantastic choice for a Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah theme. This outdoor night starry sky Bar Mitzvah invitation set is a unique take on this theme. Your Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah reception can be decorated with trees, bushes, grass, etc with a ceiling simulating a dark, starry night sky. Or, you can host your reception outdoors.

This Under the Stars Outdoor Bar Mitzvah invitation set was designed by Webgrrl.

Features of this Under the Stars Great Outdoors Mitzvah invitation set:

  • Beautiful and natural green and navy blue in color
  • A starry sky with a galactic or space look
  • Unique typography layout
  • green hills and trees paired with the starry sky
  • Subtle Jewish Star of David in the sky
  • Suitable for Bar Mitzvah or Bat Mitzvah
  • Reception wording can be added to the invitation to save costs
  • Looks great on the #120 uncoated accent opaque or white felt paper.
  • Wording can be changed however you’d like.

This Under the Stars Bar or Bat Mitzvah invitation set has a matching reception card, RSVP card, address labels, a folded thank you card, and a flat thank you postcard available for purchase. Reception wording can be added to the front of the invitation as well to save costs (or the back). With all of these matching items, it is up to you what you want the wording to be. Any of the wording can be changed (or removed) so that you get exactly what you want.

Purchase this Outdoors Under the Stars Mitzvah invitation set

Click the images below to visit the product pages.

  • Outdoors Under the Stars Mitzvah Invitation
  • Outdoors Under the Stars Mitzvah RSVP Reply Card
  • Outdoors Under the Stars Mitzvah Reception Card
  • Outdoors Under the Stars Mitzvah Thank You Postcard

Want any other items to go along with this design or have questions about purchasing this invitation set? Contact Lemon Leaf Prints designer Webgrrl using the “ask the designer” link on any of the above product pages and Webgrrl will help with any questions or requests.

6 Gender-Neutral Bar and Bat Mitzvah Themes

MyJewishParty guest author post

One tricky aspect to choosing a Bar or Bat Mitzvah theme, is that kids at this age tend to be entering a time of co-ed friend groups, but are still somewhat stuck in the toy store world of gender-stereotyped products. Of course, stereotypes and labels are becoming less and less of the stronghold they once were, but you still want to make sure your theme feels approachable for everyone.

Here are a few themes that are “gender-neutral” enough to include everyone, regardless of how your guests identify or what hobbies peak their interest.

  1. 1) Beach Theme

    surfboard bar table to rent
    Who doesn’t love a day at the beach? Whether you’re into watersports, Jimmy Buffet music, or just warm weather lounging, it’s nice to feel your toes in sand (literally or otherwise). A beach theme is one that can be done on any budget, too. Want to go big? You can rent large palm trees and a surfboard bar for decor. Hire a steel drum player or even a hula dancer for entertainment! Prefer low key? The local party supply store will have plenty of decorations to keep things beachy. Add games such as frisbee, cornhole, and horseshoes to entertain the gang for hours.

  2. 2) Sports Theme

    small floor hockey arena to rent
    Not everyone loves sports, but everyone has something they love about sports. Whether you’re the one who hits the ballgame for the peanuts and cracker jacks, cheers on the cheerleaders more than the players, or just can crush the arcade version of an actual sports game, we all love to be surrounded by the spirit of friendly competition.

  3. 3) Carnival Theme

    bring home the bacon carnival game to rent
    Many people associate carnivals with really young kids, but carnivals are actually ideal for preteens. Not only are are older kids able to enjoy the games with minimal supervision (more grownup time!), but it’s often the age where winning someone a prize or initiating a small wager over a game is the sweetest form of flirtation.

  4. 4) Hollywood Theme

    Hollywood sign to rent
    Adolescence is a time of transitioning. Tweens often turn to movies and public figures to mimic behavior and get an idea of what the future holds. This creates a few years of obsession over certain celebrities and/or movies. To turn it back to make it about the guest of honor, though, you can showcase his or her favorites using table names of favorite stars, activities that mimic specific films, and a red carpet entrance that allows them to be the admired one.

  5. 5) Decades Theme

    1950's malt shop diner to rent
    Your kids may hate hearing you stories about the past, but they love time traveling there themselves. Just look at the old fashion trends and throwback movies that are circling around time and time again! Anything from a 1950s malt shoppe, to a flashy 70s disco, to a totally rad (brightly colored!) 90s bash will provide the added bonus of your chance to say “I remember when…”

  6. 6) Upside Down/Backwards Theme

    Turn teenage rebellion on its head by creating a theme that relies on things being against the rules! Serve a naked cake (perhaps before dinner?), “graffiti” or screen print shirts, and encourage outrageous or inside-out clothing. Should you and your family find it appropriate, you can even consider a trick candle for one of your candle-lighting ceremony honorees!

About this guest author

Karen Gordon is the VP of Growth at Goodshuffle. Goodshuffle is simplifying event rentals with their online marketplace which makes it easy to shop, compare prices, and book your rentals all with a few quick clicks. Their software product, Goodshuffle Pro, streamlines operations for event rental companies.