Social Media Photo Sharing Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set

Social Media Photo Sharing Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set

Social Media Photo Sharing Bar Mitzvah Invitation Set

Are you considering a social media themed Bar Mitzvah? If so, you might just love this social media photo sharing Bar Mitzvah invitation set. This social media Instagram Bar Mitzvah invitation suite works great for a social media themed Bar Mitzvah. Think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. In particular, this works well for an Instagram or Snapchat themed Bar Mitzvah because of the design.

Social media is a great modern theme for a Bar Mitzvah. This non-traditional theme is very trendy right now. Some are making this theme more specific and hosting an Instagram themed Bar Mitzvah or a Facebook themed Bar Mitzvah or a Twitter themed Bar Mitzvah.

Either way, it’s the perfect modern theme for a social teenage boy. There are all sorts of great decor ideas. For example, you can make cakes or cookies out of social media logos. Also, you can make an Instagram frame up for your photo booth. Another idea is to decorate a wall with your son’s Instagram photos, or add his photos on the tops of cupcakes as cupcake toppers. Furthermore, you can decorate tables and walls with hashtags and “like” buttons. There is a lot you can do to make this theme fun.

This social media photo sharing style app Bar Mitzvah invitation set features your son’s social media avatar (we just need a nice photo of your son for this), his social media “username”, party photos for this photo stream, likes, emoticons, and hashtags. It utilizes a play on words… the Bar Mitzvah “app” is called InstaMitz.

This set is not just perfect for a Bar Mitzvah. It would also work well as an invitation for a social media photo sharing themed Bat Mitzvah as well!

Check out the updated social media photo sharing Bat Mitzvah invitation set that is now available with Instagram’s new color scheme.

The wording can be also changed however you like, including the hashtags in the wording. The designer will also change out the photos in the photo stream on request. The reception photo was intentionally meant to be goofy and fun. Goofy photos are often typical to what people would see in their Instagram and Facebook photo streams. All these changes are included with your purchase of this set.

This design is an exclusive design to Lemon Leaf Prints by designer Wasootch.

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Available for purchase with this set are an invitation, a reception insert card, a rsvp reply card, a flat thank you card, and mailing labels. Other items can be made on request. To purchase any of these items, click the links below to visit each item’s product page.

Want any other items to match this design or have questions about the design? Contact the designer, Wasootch, using the “ask the designer” link on any of the above product pages. Wasootch will be happy to assist in any way.